Thursday, September 2, 2010

Small Capital eLoading Business for Filipinos

NOTE: My phone is on roaming mode so I can only accept sms at the moment.

eLoading Business!

* Maliit ang capital, pero MALAKI ang KITA!
* NO Monthly Quota!
* Sell to More than 280 Prepaid Products
* 1 Load Wallet
* Online Loading
* Online Sales Monitoring

BE A RETAILER for PHP300earn=3-4K
B a DEALER for PHP3988 earn=10-15K

* Buy and Sell LOADS for (10-14%)
* Selling of Retailer Cards (PHP250 or 300 each)
* Override from your RETAILERS (2%)
* Franchise Sales Incentive (PHP500)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Start Earning Extra Income by Joning Vmobile Now!

I just invested 3988 + 80 pesos delivery for this new Business Opportunity in the Philippines.
The package is for dealer which includes 20 Retailer activation codes. You can sell each activation code from 250-300 pesos each or if you want to help someone start his own business you might even try giving it :) Just make sure that they are interested to start the loading business so you won't be wasting any money.

Vmobile Load Extreme Dealer Advantage

  • Small Capital with BIG INCOME
  • Without Territorial Boundary
  • One LOADWALLET for over 300 Prepaid Products.
  • No dealer SIM needed just use your existing SIM
  • Sell thru the use of any cell phone and online thru internet.
  • Earn from Overrides, Sales Subscription and many more.
  • Earn from Referral Commission
  • Earn from your group dealers.
  • The BEST OF ALL. You can now reach your dreams.
You can either become a:

1. RETAILER for only 250 pesos and add 500 for your load wallet to start selling.
Here are some ways of earning extra income when doing this business.

2. Dealer: 3988 and be able to invite dealers and earn more!

1. Buy & Sell of loads - 8-12% discount
2. Retailer Sign-up - P250/each
3. Dealer's Override from Retailers - 1%
4. Direct Referral - P500/each
5. Team Sales Bonus - P500/each
6. Retailer Affiliate Program
- P40/each retailer + 1% override + 0.1% group sales bonus

If you're interested to be part of this fast growing business please don't hesitate to contact me directly:

Phone: 09202952231

Follow me on twitter: VmobileXtreme
Facebook: Vmobile Load Extreme Business